ONEGA Protective Fabrics Inc. manufactures a wide range of woven fabrics to meet specific end uses such as for the


military and protective work uniforms.  We work only with reliable fibre and yarn suppliers to manufacturer our products. 


Our products are design and developed to meet the most stringent specifications as we are a supplier to our military


personnel as well as the protective markets.



                 MILITARY                                               DSSPM  /  MIL-C  / G.S.1045



                 OIL & GAS                                           CGSB 155.20    /   NFPA 2112




                ELECTRICAL ARC                                 NFPA 70E  / ASTM F1959





    HIGH VISIBILITY                                  CSA Z96    /   ANSI 107





          WELDING                                               EN11611    



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